We Did It! 100,000 Housed!


Today the 100,000 Homes campaign announced it has reached its four-year goal of helping communities house 100,000 chronically homeless Americans.  Santa Clara County’s Housing 1000 has housed 750 Santa Clara County residents as part of the national 100K Homes Campaign.

Read the Press ReleaseWhat Happened…

Living on the streets long-term is deadly. Studies show that chronically homeless people are more vulnerable and succumb to preventable illnesses two to three times more than the general population. Sixty one people died in the streets of Santa Clara County in 2011.

Housing 1000 seeks to house 1,000 chronically
homeless men and women by 2014.

We believe that we have the power to change our system, and that stable lives require fewer resources. Together, we can end this human tragedy.

Read the stories of clients being housed through Housing 1000.


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