What is Housing 1000′s Care Coordination Project?

Housing 1000 is working to house 1,000 of the most vulnerable homeless men and women in our community, many of whom have been on the street for over 20 years. These vulnerable men and women need services, treatment, encouragement, education, and opportunities for civic engagement.

That’s why we’re working with community partners in our Care Coordination Project, which is led by EHC LifeBuilders.  The Housing 1000 Care Coordination Project is made up of non profit homeless service providers that provide intensive case management matched with permanent housing.

Our case managers scour shelters, parks and even intersections in a tireless search for clients. We’re focusing our efforts on the most vulnerable members of our community, many of whom have immediate medical issues that are exacerbated by homelessness.Living on the streets is not safe, and it’s our mission to house the most vulnerable. The sooner we get them housed and hook them up with services, the better chance they all have to stabilize their health and kick-start their recovery. Each client we enroll is assigned a case manager, who will be their advocate throughout the housing process and beyond. At Housing 1000 we’re not just dedicated to helping house people, we’re also making sure they stay housed and have the necessary tools to integrate into their new communities.

That’s why our Care Coordination Project team is working with us in the Housing ONE crowdfunding effort. Together we’re providing basic furniture, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils and other necessities to our clients when they move into housing. Case managers help us write the stories, supporters view the site and make donations to individuals of their choice, and volunteers help furnish the units so that formerly homeless individuals can focus on starting their new lives in housing. If you’d like to be a part of the move-in process, help House ONE formerly homeless man or woman or you can also hold a donation drive for the items that are part of our Welcome Home Kits.

We are so thankful for all of our funding partners on this project, including The County of Santa Clara, The City of San Jose, Applied Materials Foundation and eBay Foundation for partnering with us and ensuring the success of Housing 1000. Thanks also to the County of Santa Clara, The City of San Jose, Destination: Home, Community Technology Alliance, and The Collaborative on Homeless and Housing Issues for partnering to launch our Housing 1000 Care Coordination Project.

We’re also grateful to you, our supporters, for helping us welcome folks home.

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