Stable Lives Need Fewer Resources

By housing people first, we create a cost-efficient service-delivery model focused on long-term stability, which decreases the use of high-cost services typically accessed by chronically homeless individuals.

Providing people with a permanent place to live and the services they need to stay housed costs two to three times less than what it costs for them to live on the streets.

We can end chronic homelessness for good while ensuring the most vulnerable in our community are receiving cost-effective services as they regain stability and their place in society. To get involved, click here.


What is Housing 1000?

Housing 1000 is the local campaign under the national 100,000 Homes Campaign and is apartnership between Destination: Home, the Santa Clara County Collaborative on Affordable Housing and Homeless Issues and Community Technology Alliance.

Our goal is to house 1,000 homeless individuals by 2013. In conjunction with the national 100,000 Homes Campaign, our local Housing 1000 is dedicated to finding our most vulnerable and long-term homeless individuals and placing them in permanent housing with the services they need to stay housed.

We have already completed a registry of homeless individuals in our community to assess the need. Next, we will bring this information back to our community partners – including our cities, our county, our housing authority, our service providers, and other community stakeholders – so that together, we can create permanent housing solutions for those most in need.

In the long term, homeless services providers will continue to implement our local strategy by utilizing the Vulnerability Index to identify the county’s most vulnerable homeless and quickly move them into permanent housing.

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What is the Vulnerability Index?

The Vulnerability Index is a 33-question survey that asks about the experience of homelessness, veteran status, and a number of health-related questions. All questions together comprise a person’s “vulnerability” or risk of mortality if they remain homeless.

What is the 100,000 Homes Campaign?

The 100,000 Homes Campaign was launched by Common Ground in 2010 and champions a national, long-term goal to house 100,000 of our nation’s most vulnerable, homeless individuals by 2013.

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